IN THE NEWS: Hupke Elevated To R-O-M President

Jeff Hupke was promoted to president of R-O-M Corporation, the Kansas City-based manufacturer of roll-up doors and LED lighting products for the fire service.

He joined R-O-M as chief financial officer in 2005, and assumed the additional role of chief operating officer in 2007. In those positions, he directed the finance team, led operations, manufacturing and supply chain management functions and implemented initiatives aimed at enhancing customer support.

“Jeff has been working toward this opportunity since joining our company,” said John McAlister, a member of R-O-M’s Board of Directors. “He has demonstrated strong leadership skills and a unique technical expertise in leading our finance and operations teams. More importantly, he has proven to be a key change agent in all areas of our company.”

As president, Hupke will build upon customer relationship programs and will oversee a 20-member internal and external sales and marketing staff. He will also be in charge of manufacturing, quality, engineering, human resources, material management and information technology.

Before joining R-O-M, Hupke served in financial and operational capacities for General Motors and Hallmark, as well as performing consulting work with a number of start-ups and smaller sized companies.

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