IAFC Gets Motorola Solutions Foundation Public Safety Grant

The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) announced that it has received a significant grant award from the Motorola Solutions Foundation’s public safety grant award program, which will make it possible for the Association to fund a fourth year of the Fire Service Executive Development Institute (FSEDI).

Developed by the IAFC, FSEDI provides new and aspiring fire chiefs with the tools they need to have a successful and productive tenure. The members of the previous three sessions have been very successful in achieving fire chief positions and appointments to regional, state and national fire service committees and task groups. The yearlong program is open to new chiefs (one year or less in the position) and aspiring chiefs (currently applying for chief positions or in department’s succession plan) who have demonstrated a commitment to career advancement and enhancing the fire-ems service through their leadership.

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Members of the cohort meet three times over one year for sessions conducted at a conference center in the Washington Metropolitan region. Experts from the fire and emergency service and the private sector cover topics such as ethics, leadership in the new era, emerging concepts in organizational design and delivery, effective use of science and data, budgeting and spend management, and labor–management relations, and how to be successful in recruiting and hiring processes plus many more. This program differs from other executive level program in the fire service in that the focus is on real world and emerging issues around these subjects.

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