Hydraulic Jack Systems

WEST BOYLSTON, MA—The Porter-Ferguson (PF) line of jacks offers rescue users several choices of remote control, manual, or pneumatic-powered hydraulic models.

Each PF jack comprises several basic components: either a hand or air-powered hydraulic pump, a hydraulic hose, a quick-connect coupler, and a ram.

There are five pump options: two hand hydraulic pumps, the SM0033 Speed Midget™ pump, and the BU0483 Hydro-Chief™ pump; and three air-operated remote hydraulic pumps controlled by a hand/foot pedal, the PF1000, PF200, and PF3000. PSI ratings range from 7,000 to 10,000. All can be used with a variety of ram sizes and types.

All pumps feature a steel, drop-forged broad base, ensuring stability even in awkward positions and able to withstand years of hard use. Baked enamel finish gives corrosion protection and prolongs a new appearance. The pump handle has a soft plastic grip for more comfortable operation and unscrews for easy storage.

Filter screens at hose holes prevent dirt from entering the pump or ram. A magnet in each pump reservoir attracts metal chips and filings to ensure correct ball valve seating and to prevent ram seal damage. A ¼-turn filler screw makes it easier to operate and bleed the pump and to add hydraulic oil. A safety relief valve prevents overloading.

Other durability features are a maxi-micro finish on the piston that helps pump seals last longer and heat resistant piston packings. Stainless steel balls and springs in a coined steel seat make valve life longer and more trouble-free.

For more information, visit www.lowellcorp.com.

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