HURST Jaws of Life® Adds 59.1-Inch Telescopic Rescue Ram to Battery-powered eDRAULIC® Line

Shelby, NC—HURST Jaws of Life® has expanded its battery-powered eDRAULIC® rescue tool line with the addition of the R 422E2 Ram that features a 59.1-inch extended length

The R 422E2 Ram has sharp claws at both ends. The claws, also featured on the 53-inch-reach R 421E2, provide gripping power and rotate 360 degrees for use in even the most complicated rescues. The battery-powered tool also offers easy maneuverability with an ergonomically designed star-grip.

“The R 422E2’s telescopic, 59.1-inch reach and eDRAULIC power bring portability and performance to first responders on the scene,” said Bruce Johnston, director of marketing and product management for HURST Jaws of Life. “We continually look for solutions that will help first responders get to the patient quickly in every situation. Our Voice of Customer research showed us that end users sometimes require further reach in a Ram, and the R 422E2 delivers combined reach and power like no other tool on the market.”

NFPA 1936 (2015 ed.) compliant and boasting an IP rating of IP54, the R 422E2 comes with two lithium ion rechargeable batteries and one charger.

The company also recently launched a watertight battery-powered rescue tool line, the HURST Jaws of Life eDRAULIC EWXT. The line includes the R 521EWXT, which operates underwater with a brushless motor that offers higher performance and a longer run time and includes four LED lights for better visibility.

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