High-Power LED Work Light with Four Leg Aluminum Tower

Magnalight.com’s WAL-QP-P10W-40X2E-25 quadpod mounted work area LED light from produces 3,340 lumens of high-intensity light yet draws only 40 watts of power. The high-output LED light head on this tower light is configured to produce a powerful flood beam capable of covering an area 140 feet long by 120 feet wide. The tower that provides more than 150 foot candles at chest height and 30 foot candles at the edge of a 10 foot diameter around the flagger. Additionally, the light produced by the LED light head is brighter and whiter than typical incandescent lamps, providing much better contrasting and color reproduction that increases the visibility of workers to oncoming traffic.

The tower on this lighting system is constructed of heavy gauge aluminum for high strength and light weight. The four-leg quadpod base provides better stability than traditional three leg light towers, making these towers better able to withstand high winds and demanding conditions without tipping over or falling. The tower can be adjusted from five feet to fourteen feet in height and is secured at the desired height with t-handle lock screws. This tower is collapsible for easy transport, with a removable center mast and folding legs that allow operators to easily break down and transport the unit in the back of a small pickup or even a full size car.

The LED light head is IP68-rated waterproof and sealed against dust and dirt, and constructed with a thick aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens for extreme resistance to impacts and vibrations. The 40 watt LED light head produces twice as much light output as a 100 watt halogen lamp, yet runs only slightly warm to the touch and will operate for 50,000 hours, far longer than a typical halogen lamps’ 1,000-1,500 hours. This tower is fitted with a permanently mounted transformer that allows operation with common 120/277 VAC current and is equipped with 25 feet of cord, allowing easy connection to worksite generators. The LED light towers are ideal for roadside flaggers and construction sites and have the durability and power to serve in industrial and event lighting applications with equal effectiveness.
For more information, visit www.magnalight.com.

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