Hewitt (WI) Practices with New Fire Equipment

The Hewitt Area Fire Department demonstrated its new Ultra High Pressure Fire Suppression System at a vacant house on Staadt Avenue.

Pat J. Hester, a sales manager for HMA Fire, the company that builds the machine, said “The high-pressure system was developed back in the late 1920s at 700 psi. We’ve worked with the Air Force to develop this machine.”

Now at 1,100 psi, Hester added that the Ultra High Pressure Fire Suppression System is a tool that can be used for smaller fires such as car fires, grass fires and quick interiors.

Fire Department Chief Brian Hafermann explained that the purpose of the demo was to help firefighters see differences between traditional attack lines in comparison to ultra high pressure lines. Demoing the unit, he said, was important for firefighters to gain experience for both arson and accidental fires.

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