GLO-JO P.A.L Article

Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE)Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE)

The GLO-JO® P.A.L.™ (Personnel Accountability Locator) available from CSC Group LLC. is a Multi-PURPOSE visual aid designed specifically for firefighters and emergency workers.

This product is an ancillary device, designed to either wrap around Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) or directly mount to PPE via our hook and loop attachment method(s).

  • Helmet (Helmet-band)
  • Air Bottle (Bottle-band)
  • Arm (Arm-band)

The illumination technology offers a practical approach to targeting personnel when operating in darkness, smoke, haze, or fog.

See a demonstration in this product video:


Product Specifications:

  • Entire Device is triple stitched, reinforced with a NFPA Compliant Kevlar thread
  • Main Body of device utilizes a Military Grade Nylon Webbing
  • Entire Weight of device with batteries is: 1.4 Ounces
  • Illuminated Length configures five (5) 3mm LED
  • Illuminated Length of device is 9 Inches
  • General Dimensions are 1 inch wide by 12 inches long
  • Device Uses two (2) lithium CR2025 batteries
  • Activation of Device is via a four-way pushbutton switch, offering users four (4) modes:

1st Mode: Rapid Blink

2nd Mode: Intermittent Blink

3rd Mode: Constant On

4th Mode: OFF

  • Optional LED Color: Green Configuration / Blue Configuration
  • LED’s are Housed in clear high temp, abrasive resistant PVC tubing which defuses the LED ‘s light.
  • Rubber Cap used to cover battery housing provides thermal protection, impact resistance and water resistance. This rubber material is a high temp material that is also self-extinguishing.
  • Rubber Strap attachment for a helmet mount applications; entire weight with rubber is 2.8 ounces.
  • When Operating at an optimal level of brightness in a non-occluded environment, the GLO-JO® P.A.L.™/LED LOCATOR™ can easily be seen at night, in total darkness up to 1.5 Miles away.
  • When Operating your GLO-JO® P.A.L.™ / LED LOCATOR™ in a “Rapid Blink Mode”, with fully charged batteries optimal brightness will be maintained for approximately 48 hours. After this period, a continued diminishment in brightness will occur, and the system with continue to blink for 7+ days (168 hours). ** Testing was conducted in below freezing temperatures.
  • “Constant On Mode” offers 12 hours of optimal brightness with fully charged batteries and will diminish in brightness thereafter. A total depletion of battery power will occur in 48 hours.
  • When Operating within interiors it is recommended to use “Constant On Mode”, use rapid blink only when in Trouble
  • When Operating outdoors it is recommended to use “Rapid &/or Intermittent Blink Mode”
  • Product is: Water Resistant / not waterproof, well insulated but not certified intrinsically safe
  • Heat Resistance: Saturation Test 75F to 450F – 18 minutes into test, system stopped functioning /Immediate Exposure Test 450F for 6 minutes – system continued to operate after exposure.

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