Genesis or Holmatro LENTRY® Legs

A new line of LENTRY® Legs is available which fit certain compact, hydraulic extrication rescue pumps by Genesis and Holmatro. Specifically, LENTRY Legs are available to fit Holmatro DPU 31 PC pumps or Genesis Eco Silent Simo power pumps, increasing their life-span, ease of setup, and functionality. Also called frames or stands, all-terrain LENTRY Legs are made in the United States by first responders and are engineered to overcome unpredictable terrain and withstand rough handling.

Adding LENTRY Legs allows setup of the pump on uneven ground, hills and even stairs. The legs extend a little or a lot, as needed, yet retract for storage and transport. They even serve as a roll-bar, protecting the expensive pumps from damage. Each leg adjusts and locks independently with the turn of a knob, providing a flat, level surface no matter the terrain.

With LENTRY Legs on them, Holmatro and Genesis extrication rescue pumps can straddle obstacles such as debris, hose and rocks. They are lifted up out of the snow, sand or standing water. Legs also raise the pumps to within easy reach of the operator, making starting and operation much easier and ergonomic.  LENTRY Legs retrofit to specific Genesis and Holmatro simo-pumps/duo-pumps in a matter of minutes using standard tools.

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