Front Bumper Rescue Reel Configuration

These front bumper rescue reels, from CMW Products, come with a manual reset button and both switches installed and wired. Users mount the reel, connect the hoses (pressure and return) to each side of the manifold, then wire directly to the buss bar. Only 14-AWG sire is required for short runs. The motors draw few amps, so no relays are required. Frame and fasteners are stainless steel. The reels offer an operating pressure to 10,500 psi. The reels can be configured to hold twin line hydraulic hose; breathing air; working air; or 12/3, 10/3, or 10/4 electric cable. Users can install any combination of hose, air, or cable on either side of a dual reel. Numerous mounting options are available, including transverse, where one reel mounted in center of compartment with hose extending out each side.

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