Foxfire Illuminating SCBA Identifier Tags

MN8-Foxfire®, the developer of breakthrough advanced photoluminescent products, recently expanded its firefighting product line by unveiling several new products at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC), the world’s largest firefighting conference and exhibition, held in Indianapolis, April 22-27.

One of the most anticipated and highlighted products is Foxfire Illuminating SCBA Identifier Tags, which feature customizable illuminating and reflective lettering so that crews can easily identify not just individuals but units in limited light or smoky conditions. Designed to easily attach to any size SCBA bottle straps, the illuminating identifier tags feature aircraft grade aluminum combined with Foxfire’s Advanced Photoluminescent Technology™. The product (which will retail for $39.95) was designed specifically to reduce the possibility of entanglement and withstand high temperatures.

“The new Illuminating SCBA Identifier Tags are a significant development in firefighter crew accountability,” says Zachary Green, president of MN8-Foxfire. “They feature Foxfire’s advanced photoluminescent technology and are specifically designed to help with crew integrity. This is another example of firefighters giving us feedback on the types of products they wanted us to develop and our company responding to their suggestions.”

     Other new products introduced at the show include:

  • The Foxfire Illuminating Epoxy Delivery System. This product enables firefighters to integrate photoluminescence into operations by illuminating ladders, floors, railings, apparatus features and more through the use of this product. Uses any standard caulk gun, and may be used multiple times with new mixing tip. Retail price is $249.95.
  • Foxfire Illuminating Multipurpose Adhesive Strips. These illuminating adhesive strips combine Foxfire’s advanced photoluminescent technology with industrial grade adhesive. This product has unlimited uses such as illuminating ladder beams, tools, railings, apparatus and more and is designed to withstand high temperatures. Available in a 3 foot size ($7.95) and a 7 foot size ($16.95).
  • Foxfire Illuminating Helmet Stickers, available in four different styles for $4.95 each. Styles include a Maltese Cross Illuminating Helmet Sticker, a Female Firefighter Illuminating Helmet Sticker a Crew Illuminating Helmet Sticker and a Shamrock Illuminating Helmet Sticker.

MN8-Foxfire has also collaborated with two other fellow firefighter owned ands operated companies (Box Alarm Leather and Fat Ivan) to add Foxfire’s advanced photoluminescent technologies to these firefighter products.

The Box Alarm/Foxfire products combine MN8-Foxfire’s advanced illumination technology with 3M’s flame resistant reflective fabric and Box Alarm Leather’s lifetime guaranteed products made from high quality bridle leather. Products include:

  • Radio Straps made with 8-10 oz. bridle leather. Available in regular, XL and XXL. Retail price is $99.95.
  • Anti-Sway Straps that are 6” in length and cut into ½” widths. Retail price is $24.95
  • Universal Radio Cases that adjust to fit the vast majority of fire service portable radios. Retail price is $64.95
  • Glove Straps cut into 1” widths and built using techniques used by Amish Farmers. Retail price is $29.95
  • Combo pack, which includes a radio strap, anti-sway strap and universal radio case. Retail price is $149.95

The Fat Ivan/Foxfire products combine Foxfire’s advanced photoluminescent technology with Fat Ivan’s fold up door stopper product features. Retail price is $19.95.

     All of the new Foxfire products will be available for purchase through MN8-Foxfire’s sales channels beginning Monday, April 29. These products join MN8-Foxfire’s other recently introduced new products which include the Foxfire Illuminating Second Generation Helmet Band and Foxfire Illuminating Helmet Bars.

MN8-Foxfire was recently named the 2013 Ohio Chamber of Commerce’s Excellence in Entrepreneurship award winner at the chamber’s annual meeting and legislative reception on April 10 in Columbus, OH.

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