Four Considerations Purchasing Recertified Equipment

Purchasing a new fleet of equipment, or even just one unit, can be stressful during these hard economic times. Opting for recertified rather than new equipment might be the answer. Make sure to consider these four questions.

1.) How can recertified equipment save money?

Of course, the major benefit of recertified equipment is its lower price tag. Purchasing a piece of recertified equipment generally means you will also be working with a company who has their own biomed staff and capabilities. They will likely be able to offer you a warranty for your recertified unit, creating added value and life span for your purchase.

2.) How does recertified equipment compare to new equipment?

Recertified EMS equipment is a reliable piece of equipment that functions just as well as new equipment. The process for creating refurbished EMS equipment is laborious and equipment goes through an intense checkout before being sold back into the healthcare market. Companies that supply refurbished EMS equipment are responsible for the latest upgrades, repairs, cleaning, and preparing the equipment before it is resold.  

3.) How do refurbishment and recertification processes vary?

When shopping for used equipment, you are likely to run into a number of terms used to describe a piece of equipment’s condition including certified, refurbished, or recertified. The biomedical industry has not established any set definition of these terms, so what you can expect varies by company.

4.) How can you make sure you are purchasing truly recertified equipment?

To ensure you purchase recertified equipment from a trustworthy and professional biomedical refurbishing facility, make sure to ask these five questions. Don’t be afraid to push for answers and expect satisfactory responses before making a purchase.

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