FLIR Offers Promotion on Thermal Imaging Cameras

Portland, OR—FLIR Systems, Inc. has announced a value-added promotion of a bonus FLIR ONE unit with the purchase of a K40 or K50 thermal imaging camera (TIC). This promotion begins on November 1, 2014 and runs through the end of 2014.
FLIR K-Series cameras are high-resolution TICs, specifically designed for the extreme heat and smoky conditions that firefighters encounter. Both the K40 and K50 offer a bright LCD display for visibility, simple operation, image storage, and easy toggling between five imaging modes to optimize sensitivity for higher or lower temperature ranges, including search and rescue (SAR) and hotspot detection.
The FLIR ONE, on the other hand, is a lightweight accessory that transforms an iPhone 5 or 5s into a thermal imager that can detect and display invisible heat energy. For firefighters, this adds situational awareness capabilities to a smart phone platform. Although the FLIR ONE is not designed to be used in the extreme temperature environments found inside burning structures, it has the potential to be helpful for scanning exteriors for hotspots during the overhaul phase, detecting heat signatures during outdoor rescue efforts, and as a fire prevention inspection tool.

For more information on the K-Series special promotion, please visit

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