Flat-Free Wheels Now Optional on VENTRY Fans

VENTRY® Fans are now available with the option of medium flat-free wheels and skids. For one-handed transport, this option includes a handle that moves straight up and down from the center of the fan. It also includes two powder-coated steel stair skids, which allow for easy maneuvering of the fan over stairs, curbs, and other obstacles.

These industrial-duty tires are six inches in diameter and two inches wide so they roll easily over rough and unpacked terrain and provide extra clearance between the fan guard and the ground during transport. Rugged and low-maintenance, the tires are made from solid microcellular polyurethane foam with a zinc-plated, two-piece steel hub. They can never go flat.

Flat-Free Wheels are small enough to be practical even on compact 20-inch VENTRY Fan models.

For more information, visit www.ventry.com.

VENTRY® PPV Attack Fans
VENTRY® PPV Fans are used for positive pressure ventilation and attack (PPV and PPA) and may be gas, electric, or propane-powered. All VENTRY Fans have three all-terrain, outward curving Legs and an aircraft-style smoke-busting Safety Propeller. Firefighters realize tremendous benefits from the combination of these two unique features.

For example, by extending the legs and lifting the fan up off the ground, the propeller’s air supply is increased for higher air volume (CFM). Air cone shadowing is eliminated. Aim and tilt are precise and unlimited. Fan setup is always ideal for the each scene, regardless of the landscape or scene clutter.

Efficiency is the biggest advantage of VENTRY Fans. Each model has a Safety Propeller engineered to utilize the specific horsepower and maximize its CFM. VENTRY Fans are known for extreme air flow without excess horsepower, saving firefighters from excess noise, carbon monoxide, bulk and expense.

Please visit our website, www.ventry.com including point of entry safety light, stair skids, and ultimate door stops (one free with every new VENTRY Fan purchased).

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