Five Questions

Chris Mc Loone

Paul Carpenter

Vice President of Sales, Harrington, Inc.


CM: Would you provide a brief history of Harrington, Inc.?

Paul Carpenter

PC: Harold “Hal” Harrington founded Harrington, Inc., in 1988. The company is truly a family operation. Hal passed in 2016, and Dave and Tim Harrington as well as other Harrington family continue to work at the company located in Erie, Pennsylvania. We continue to provide Harrington brand products—Hydrant Storz conversion assemblies, Storz X threaded adapters, and suction hose as introduced by Hal. Harrington has been representing AWG Fittings since Hal started the company. We are the master distributor for AWG for all North America. We maintain a large stock of AWG products for immediate delivery. Harrington brand products are proudly made in the United States AWG products are made in Germany.


CM: How do Harrington products help fire departments overcome their water supply challenges?

PC: Harrington products enable fire departments to connect quickly without adapters to all types of water-handling devices. Harrington introduced Storz couplings to the American fire service, and it is now the standard across the United States, Canada, and Mexico for large-diameter hose. Not needing male and female adapters assures firefighters of quick quarter-turn connections. This is imperative in the short time frame that firefighters have to make hose, building, hydrant, and appliance connections.


CM: What are some of the highlights of the Harrington product line?

PC: Harrington hydrant Storz conversion assemblies HPHA and HISA are another standard in the fire industry. These convert a fire hydrant outlet to use a quick-connect Storz connection.


CM: What are some new products Harrington is bringing to market?

PC: Harrington added PVC suction hose to our product line about four years ago. Although this is not a new product to the fire market, the Harrington Flex-Lite suction hose is another product made in the United States. We offer 2.5- through six-inch diameters in standard 10-foot lengths as well as stock 15- and 20-foot lengths. Our couplings are all metal—no plastic—and the hose is flexible and lightweight.


CM: What keeps you up at night?

PC: Delivery times from AWG are long—three months production and six weeks ocean transit. This requires Harrington to maintain extensive inventories of AWG products. When we receive large orders for AWG products at one time, it can lead to extended lead times. Our customers depend on us for short lead times of quality products.

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