Fish River Marlow (AL) Fire Department Getting New Fire Equipment

A Baldwin County fire department is getting extra equipment to help save lives during water rescues, thanks to the generosity of a social service group.

It’s in response to the water rescues made after heavy rains in the spring of last year.

Flooding on the Fish River in Baldwin County during the spring of 2014 was serious.

Members of Fish River/Marlow Volunteer Fire Rescue were among the departments rescuing flood victims, some from the roofs of homes. 

When asked how many rescues were made in the area during the flooding, Fish River/Marlow Fire Chief Dennis Sadler said, “I think the total was close to 40 people.”

Fish River/Marlow Fire Rescue used a boat to make rescues, but it’s now getting water rescue equipment and training it didn’t have during that flood.

That’s thanks to a $2000 grant from the Fairhope Elks Lodge.

The department will be getting tethers, specialized floatation devices, gloves, and helmets to make water rescues and help people get out of flooded homes.

Captain Kimberly Spratlin with Fish River/Marlow Fire Rescue said, “It was the dangerous rescues that this would have made a difference in: cutting a person out of their attic,  retrieving them out of a dangerous spot because, obviously, there are places where houses are closer together.  There are trees in the way. The water moves faster in those cases. The safety equipment would have definitely have come in handy.” 

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