First Portable Utility Light System Released

LightModule, a pioneer in the development and application of LED technology to the fire,  law enforcement, and emergency response sectors, announced today the launch of their LMPro line of rechargeable Portable Utility Light Systems (PULS).  With Flare, Area Light and Flashlight functionality-in-one, LM Pro provides an unparalleled value in utility, safety, emergency warning, signaling and brightness. Providing exemplary performance in all modes, LMPro includes the only LED flare ever made with superior brightness to chemical flares.

Developed with the needs of firefighters, law enforcement and emergency responders in mind, LMPro utilizes a system of interchangeable electronic heads to transform from a road flare to area light, flashlight or combo unit in a matter of seconds.  The system provides life-saving brightness in a rugged, rechargeable, ultra-portable form. “As a flare, area light or flashlight, each function mode is far superior to any individual competing product; combined, the LMPro was designed to anticipate any possible illumination or signaling need that could occur in emergency situations,” said Raul Urrutia, CEO of LightModule. 

Recently awarded Law Officer Magazine’s Outstanding New Product for 2012, at 3-5x brighter than any competing LED flare, and providing up to 16 hours of on-time per charge, LM Pro is the first portable lighting system versatile enough to trust in situations where lives are at risk.  LMPro’s heads are intelligent and can be programmed by Lightmodule to display any color or light pattern, making the utility nearly limitless.

“LMPro is a highly adaptive portable light system.  Firefighters, police officers, and emergency responders all have different portable illumination needs.  With that in mind, we have created several different LMPro kits that cater to the specific requirements of each sector,” said EVP, Shay Ahmed.  Available now, more information visit

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