Firecom Announces Upgrade Program Extending Wireless Capability

New Wireless Made Easy Upgrade Program Offers Wireless Benefits to Over 100,000 Wired Users
June 13, 2011, Portland, OR – Firecom, the leader in rugged and reliable team communication systems, today announced an upgrade program that extends wireless capability and benefits to thousands of its existing wired-headset users. Hands-free wireless communication headsets improve safety, efficiency and productivity for users working in challenging environments, including emergency response, fire and public safety.
Wireless Made Easy Upgrade Program The Wireless Made Easy Upgrade Program offers customers a loyalty credit up to $200 toward the wireless upgrade for each existing wired headset.  Between now and September 30, participating users can use the credit to upgrade to hands-free wireless operation and gain freedom of mobility in as little as 30 minutes by simply plugging their existing wired headsets into a new Firecom wireless belt pack. The wireless belt packs are configured to interface with a new wireless base station that connects to the customer’s existing intercom system. Details are available now at
“This solution provides the benefits of a hands-free wireless system to customers who can continue to use their existing headsets,” said Reed Stager, chief operating officer. “It preserves customers’ investments in Firecom equipment while they add wireless mobility.”
 Firecom Belt Pack Wireless Systems

Firecom belt-pack wireless systems deliver team communications across extreme outdoor temperatures and conditions with up to a 700-foot line-of-sight radius using secure and interference-free digital signaling technology. This amounts to over two times the range and five times the coverage of alternatives using open-license band technology. 

Firecom wireless systems provide crystal clear hands-free full-duplex communication that scales from one to 60 team members and they can be configured to share a connection with vehicle radios for critical on-scene communication through the headsets. Firecom’s systems have been deployed on all major types of fire apparatus and emergency response vehicles to support firefighters and first responders in all 50 states and all Canadian provinces.   

About Firecom
Firecom has been a leading worldwide supplier of rugged and reliable team communications systems for challenging environments since 1989. Hundreds of thousands of firefighters and other first responders depend on Firecom equipment every day to safely perform their duties and save lives. 

Firecom is a division of Sonetics Corporation, which supports customers with trusted and proven team communication solutions for general aviation, aircraft ground support, military operations, marine applications, public safety, public works, construction and other highly demanding work environments.

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