Fire Official Calls Boynton Beach (FL) Fire Equipment Out of Date

Deputy Chief Greg Hoggat with the Boynton Beach Fire Department said firefighters are working with out of date equipment. Specifically, they’re having issues with airpacks and thermal cameras.

He claims firefighters go into calls wondering if the batteries on the cameras will last long enough to get the job done.

The department wants to make changes, so they’re applying for a $1 million grant. The department applied for the grant last year and didn’t get it.

“When the time comes (and they need help), they dial 911. They want to know the agency that is coming to serve them is there with the best equipment, the best training to handle their emergency in the best time frame as possible,” said Deputy Chief Greg Hoggat of Boynton Beach Fire Rescue.

Hoggat said if they don’t get it again this year, the department will have to look to the city for extra tax dollars to solve the problem.

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