Fire Hydrant Lubricant

There are many types of lubricants used on fire hydrant nozzles. Hydra-Eze, is not only a lubricant but also an “anti-seize” that is developed specifically for fire hydrants.

It is very important that both the nozzle and cap of a hydrant are cleaned thoroughly with the use of a wire brush and a towel.

In order to evenly apply a sufficient amount of anti-seize/lubricant, apply four lines of material across the threads of the nozzles. Then screw on the cap, remove it, and then cap the hydrant again. If this is done, the anti-seize lubricant will be evenly distributed to the whole nozzle.

When using Hydra-Eze, 20 to 25 hydrants can be completely tested with a onenine-ounce tube.

Now the caps should come off easily and no corrosion should be apparent on either the cap or the nozzle.

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