Fire Equipment Stolen From Fire Apparatus Sent to Work California Wildfire

Gear has been stolen from inside the fire truck of local firefighters sent to help battle the raging Butte Fire in Northern California, reports CBS Los Angeles.

“Who does that? Who does that to somebody who is out there taking time away from their family, taking time away to help your community,” asked Jillian Bouchard, a mother to a newborn and wife to a local firefighter.

Bouchard’s husband was called for duty Friday and had to leave his family to assist in the firefight.

She explains that during a break when some of the firefighters were asleep, gear was stolen from inside their fire truck.

Bouchard’s husband has been fighting fires for more than 10 years.

His jacket and helmet were stolen. She says the helmet has sentimental value.

“It’s something that everybody in his Academy has and now that it’s gone for him, that sentimental value is gone and that’s unfortunate cause you can’t get that back,” she said.

Bouchard says her husband has told her that other community members have been very supportive of the hard work the firefighters are doing.

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