Federal Grants Provide New Equipment to Dearborn, Melvindale Fire Stations

Dearborn, MI—Thanks to several successful Federal grant applications, the Dearborn Fire Department has been acquiring several new tools and other equipment recently.

Approximately $414,000 in equipment grants has been received, which the department is using to outfit its Melvindale and Dearborn stations, along with an additional $45,540 the department received through a $156,000 FEMA regional grant shared among the Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Canton, Northville, Northville Township and Van Buren Township fire departments, said Dearborn Fire Chief Joseph Murray.

“We are really increasing the level of services that we are able to offer through a lot of this funding,” Murray said. “And we were actually able to save the city a lot of money, and the taxpayers obviously, by getting a lot of new equipment in here that needed to be upgraded anyway just from years of service.”

The new equipment the department received from the grants includes six thermal imaging cameras, intake valves for the fire apparatus, four rescue chainsaws, four K-12 saws for cutting various metals and other materials, six cardiac monitors, eight pressure fans for ventilating burning structures, 40 fire helmets, and a vehicle exhaust removal system for the Melvindale station, which helps reduce diesel fumes that build up in the garage.

The entire department is also being outfitted with firefighter bailout harnesses–a newer safety item in the fire industry used for rappelling down buildings–through the grants and some additional funds from the city, Murray said.

For more details see http://www.thenewsherald.com/articles/2014/10/23/news/doc5445a8e5736ac230073429.txt

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