Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com has released a battery powered light tower that can be extended to 8 feet in height and recharged from 115VAC or 12VDC power sources. Rated IP67 resistant to water and dust intrusion, LED10W-LT portable light tower contains a 10 watt LED light head producing 800 lumens that can be elevated to 8 feet in height. Capable of operating for 40 hours on a single charge, this portable LED light tower is ideal for use on construction sites and emergency scenes as an easily deployed construction flagger light or work area illuminator.

The LED10W-LT portable light tower from Magnalight.com contains a single 10 watt LED light head mounted atop an extendable aluminum mast that can be elevated to 8 feet in height. Producing 800 lumens of light, this unit can illuminate an area 50 feet wide by 50 foot long for 40 hours before requiring recharging. The LED light head can also be ordered in a spotlight configuration to produce a well focused wide spot beam 900 feet in length. The LED light head is vertically and horizontally adjustable and a set of collapsible polyethylene legs provide stability in windy conditions. A 33 amp hour AGM sealed lead acid battery provides 500+ charging cycles and can be recharged via a common 115VAC power outlet or 12VDC through an included 12 volt adapter and integrated cigarette plug socket.  FAA, DOT, CAB, IA and TA approved for air transport, this portable LED light tower is also MUTCD Section 6E compliant for illumination, visibility and temporary lighting, meeting requirements for nighttime traffic control and construction lighting for worksite flaggers.

Magnalight.com offers several options for this light including their LED10W-6R LED light head which produces 4800 lumens and covers an area 400 feet long by 350 feet wide. The optional LED10W-6R LED light head produces a 5.5 hour run time and is an additional charge. The housing and light head assembly on this portable light tower is rated IP67 resistant to intrusion from water and dust and weighs only 35 lbs. Equipped with a integrated carrying handle, this unit is ideal for use on construction sites as a flagger light, and well suited for use by emergency first responders and law enforcement as an easily deployed source of scene lighting. 

For more information, visit www.magnalightl.com.

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