WARMINSTER, PA-Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick recently joined Michael Bernert, President of Havis, Inc. at the company headquarters to highlight efforts to foster small business growth and job creation.
“We have long said that small businesses are the engine of economic growth and job creation,” said Fitzpatrick.  “If we expect small businesses to expand and hire, we must give them the support to do so.  We must not let excess government regulation stand in their way.  Likewise the federal tax code should incentivize not penalize businesses for adding employees.”
Havis, Inc., is a Warminster based manufacturer of mobile worker productivity tools, such as radio and siren consoles, prisoner transports, and computing solutions.  The Havis products are designed to increase mobile officer productivity by keeping them safer and more comfortable without sacrificing system reliability and worker up time.
Currently, Havis employs over 200 employees in primary manufacturing locations in Warminster, Pennsylvania and Plymouth, Michigan. Continued growth is on the horizon and land expansion is a priority.
Last year, Havis was unable to get approval to expand its manufacturing facility, despite its compliance with the required regulations. “After a lengthy, expensive, and often frustrating process, Congressman Fitzpatrick was able to help us cut through the red tape so that we are now able to expand our facilities and hire new employees,” said Michael Bernert, President of Havis, Inc.  “It is important that government support job creation, not impede it. Havis is actively growing it’s domestic and international markets. We will quickly outgrow current facilities and needed options..”
In addition to highlighting the need to reduce excessive regulation that prevents job creation, Fitzpatrick also announced legislation to incentivize job creation.  This proposed legislation will provide a, one-time, $1,000 tax credit to any small business that hires a new employee.  The tax credit will be available for one year after the Act is passed.
“During these economic times, the tax code should allow businesses to flourish instead of drown. This Act will help foster small business growth and facilitate new hiring,” added Fitzpatrick.
Visit http://www.havis.com/havis_news.htm for more information.

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