Youngstown Glove Company® has introduced the Titan XT™ lined with Kevlar® glove specifically made for safeguarding the top of hand from impact. Highly visible, cut-resistant and extraordinarily durable, the glove has proven useful in everything from mining and oil and gas extrication jobs to auto extrication tasks.

The Youngstown Titan XT lined with Kevlar features foam padding and TPR knuckles across the top of the hand in order to keep hands safe from being smashed or pinched by the likes of heavy machinery, broken glass or power tools. And, because no one side of the hand is more important than the other, the glove is completely lined front, back and sides with DuPont Kevlar fiber. This means complete hand protection for fire rescue personnel when punching though a glass window or for miners reaching through possibly unstable crevices.

The glove features a non-slip reinforced palm, fingers and saddle which work together to make it even more durable and deliver an even tighter grip. The palm itself exceeds Level 3 on ANSI/ISEA 105-2005 Mechanical ratings for cut resistance. This means the Youngstown Titan XT lined with Kevlar was able to withstand a rotating circular blade with mass applied to it for more than 1000 rotations.

Part of the XT series created with extra protection and built extra tough for the most demanding of jobs, the Titan XT lined with Kevlar is a long-lasting performance glove that boasts something not all gloves with this level of protection can offer: comfort and dexterity.

As with all Youngstown gloves, the Titan XT lined with Kevlar was built to make hands feel as comfortable as possible all while lending the ability to grasp and manipulate smaller objects.

A supportive cuff with a Velcro closure provides additional comfort especially during extended wear.

Safety depends on visual awareness almost as much as superior protective materials. Because of this, the Youngstown Titan XT lined with Kevlar also features high-visibility lime coloring which increases hand awareness as well as reflective 3M Scotchlite™ on the knuckle and underside of the wrist.

The Youngstown Titan XT lined with Kevlar is available in sizes small through XX large.

For more information, visit www.ytgloves.com.

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