BOSTON, MA – Cole Hersee introduces the Voltage Sensing Relay & Timer (VSRT), an exciting new product in the just-released FlexMod™ line. The FlexMod VSRT conserves the starting power of a vehicle battery by shutting off auxiliary loads when either starting voltage drops to a low level, or a pre-set timer times out.

Excessive battery discharge is a problem that is sometimes unavoidable, particularly for law enforcement and emergency vehicles. When a vehicle is left idling with active warning lights and other onboard loads, a battery deficit can still arise and the emergency vehicle cannot be re-started.

The FlexMod VSRT is ideal for fire, police and emergency vehicles, as it virtually eliminates the possibility of vehicle not reaching the next emergency situation due to a dead battery. This small (4”x3”x1”) piece of equipment alerts the vehicle operator when starting voltage is low and then cuts off any non-essential loads, such as air conditioning or exterior lighting, thus conserving power to start.

Cole Hersee utilizes solid state technology in the creation of the FlexMod VSRT, providing long life and zero maintenance or replacement. Its service life exceeds 1,000,000 on/off cycles, operating for the entire lifetime of the vehicle. This device has a rating of 10A, and can handle many loads directly or drive a relay or solenoid for higher amperages. Overvoltage and overcurrent protective measures are also included, providing extra levels of assurance.

The VSRT is also completely weather resistant, waterproof and dustproof, allowing it to be mounted anywhere on the vehicle while remaining reliable and functional. With minimal wiring and a snap-in connector, it does not require any additional heavy or bulky hardware, so installation is easy and simplified.

For more information, visit www.colehersee.com or call 617-268-2100.

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