Better Tools, LLC Announces the Addition of a Tool-Hose-Bag to Their EZ Spanner™ Line of Tools

Uses of the Tool-Hose-Bag

Better Tools, LLC  has announced that their recently launched Tool-Hose-Bag is now available.

“We designed this bag to work with our line of hydrant wrenches and other tools to make firefighters more efficient at the hydrant,” said Dan Will, firefighter and COO of Better Tools, LLC.

The EZ Spanner™ Tool-Hose-Bag is made to complement the EZ Spanner™ catalog of tools, and will also work for most of the common hydrant tools that have traditionally been used in the field. The bag attaches directly to the supply hose with three VELCRO straps, and will even expand with your hose when it’s loaded. The leading-edge bag is lightweight, yet constructed of a extremely durable, rip stop waterproof material, specially designed for the job at hand. This tool bag keeps your tools secure with a two-sided VELCRO closure, yet opens easily with one pull of the opening strap. When not in use, your tools remain completely secure and covered from the elements.

Many fire companies nationwide store their hydrant tools in a pocket or compartment on the rig, and at times, firefighters may forget the tools in their haste to get to the hydrant. Now, The EZ Spanner™ Tool-Hose-Bag completely eliminates this step; the tools will not be left behind because the bag is strapped right on to the supply line. It allows firefighters to work smarter, save time, and be more efficient. The EZ Spanner™ was created by a firefighter/engineer and is part of Better Tools, LLC’s commitment to deliver the highest quality, most effective firefighting tools available. EZ Spanner™ is available by contacting Better Tools, Inc. at (818) 856-1522 or through their distributor network that can be found on their website at

Founded in 2015, Better Tools, LLC offers the only multifunction, ratcheting fire hydrant and fittings wrench available. The company plans to bring to market additional tools to assist fire departments and other municipal agencies in doing their jobs easier and better, while, most importantly, reducing injuries.

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