Extra Large Fire Blanket

On the March 8, 2012, a massive fire started from one vehicle and swept the underground car park of the famous Place Vendôme in Paris. More than 100 firefighters mobilized for more than six hours, 30 vehicles were destroyed, and the fire damaged structures and cars because of the smoke and heat. To avoid such a disaster, LEADER has developed the LEADER Stop extra large fire blanket.

Fast and easy to deploy by two personnel on an incipient car fire, LEADER Stop:

  • Isolates the burning vehicle
  • Prevents it burning up entirely
  • Prevents the spread of fire to other vehicles or nearby infrastructures
  • Reduces the release of toxic and opaque fumes which can create bigger accidents in particular on highways
  • Facilitates the intervention of the firefighters which remain the only ones authorized to secure the incident site.

Placed near zones with strong concentration of vehicles (underground parking structures, car ferries, shopping centers, toll motorway, etc.), LEADER Stop is useful in many circumstances and is also adapted for extinguishing fire of motorcycle, metallic containers and industrial machines.

For more information, visit http://www.leader-group.eu/gamme-fire-blankets-uk-296.html.

LEADER-STOP-GB by isabellekilo

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