ExplorerSCOPE™ Search and Rescue Tool

The ExplorerSCOPE from Zistos is collapse rescue/victim location technology for the technical search specialist.

It’s a rapidly-deployable search camera system that can be inserted through openings as small as 10 mm in diameter to look for victims following a collapse. The ExplorerSCOPE combines a powerful internal laser light source coupled with electronically-enhanced low-light video processing that can generate images of objects and individuals as far as 40+ feet away in pitch darkness.

A battery-powered, four-way articulated video system that features a semi-rigid flex-and-stay guide tube, it can maintain a horizontal position to span a gap when inserted into a void space. The unique features of the ExplorerSCOPE translate into a faster search operation which can save lives in time-critical rescue situations.

For more information, visit www.zistos.com.

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