Equipment Inventory Management Simplified

Keeping track of equipment inventory in the fire service can be a difficult task. Add in the items an EMS provider must keep in stock adds to the complexity.

In these challenging economic times, it is more important than ever to increase efficiencies and decrease costs. Effective MRO inventory management can help you determine the right spare parts and supplies to keep on-hand to help reduce unplanned downtime and improve cashflow. Grainger’s KeepStock inventory management solutions help departments manage and maintain the right product inventory level–saving money, time, and space.

There are various KeepStock solutions appropriate for different departments. Inventory management solutions help remove extra costs from your inventory by:

  • Optimizing inventory levels and reducing excess product stock and stock-outs.
  • Improving control and organization of inventory.
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency with a streamlined purchasing process.

Reducing procurement costs for frequently purchased MRO items.

Grainger also offers fleet vehicle maintenance equipment resources for fire departments.

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