Enhanced ICS Form Module For The Rhodium Incident Management Suite

DENVER, CO—Incident Response Technologies announces the release of the Enhanced ICS Form Module for the Rhodium Incident Management Suite. The eICS Form Module includes electronic ICS forms that adapt to user input, making the process of creating and distributing incident action plans (IAPs) remarkably fast and easy. In addition, the forms can leverage data and information already available in the Rhodium Incident Management Suite to auto-fill relevant data fields.

The eICS Form Module is compatible with computers, tablets, and smartphones, and data can be viewed and edited across any of these devices. The user-friendly design allows users to begin using the system with minimal training, making it possible to train users on the fly during an incident if needed. If multiple computers are in use, form data shares between the devices automatically, allowing for seamless collaboration amongst incident staff. Electronic sharing and distribution allows completed IAPs to be printed, emailed, or shared electronically between tablets and smartphone devices, greatly reducing the printing costs associated with IAP distribution.

For more information, visit www.irtsoftware.com.

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