Elsie (NE) Fire Department Gets Rescue Equipment

The Elsie Volunteer Fire Department received lifesaving grain bin rescue equipment on Aug. 19 through a donation from Farm Credit Services of America (FCSAmerica). A grain bin rescue exercise followed to train firefighters and EMTs in the use of the specialized equipment.

The Elsie Volunteer Fire Department received a 10-panel system, slide hammer and other accessories manufactured by Outstate Data in Elbow (MN) specifically for grain bin rescues. While the equipment will benefit the community of Elsie, it also will provide protection to farmers and agriculture workers in surrounding communities and counties through mutal-aid agreements.

“The grain bin rescue equipment is a critical tool for a fire department which serves largely rural, agricultural communities,” said Greg Robertson, a member of the Elsie Volunteer Fire Department.

FCSAmerica had identified grain bin rescue equipment as a critical need across its four-state territory. Grain bin entrapments can happen in a matter of seconds, and far too many end in injury or death because the specialized rescue equipment isn’t available at the nearest fire house.

This is the second year FCSAmerica has provided grain bin rescue kits.

For more information, view www.granttribune.com

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