Elkhart Brass COBRA EXM Monitor Flows to 1,500 gpm

Elkhart, IN—Elkhart Brass’ COBRA EXM monitor is now available with 1,500 –gpm capabilities. Smaller, lighter and more affordable than anything in its category, the COBRA EXM delivers big water in a small package.

Intelligent but simple, intuitive while reliable, tough yet easy, the COBRA EXM was designed for ultimate efficiency and performance with diverse capability offerings to meet any application need:

• 1,250- and 1,500-gpmoptions with less friction loss than competitive monitors
• Geometrically optimized for deck gun and aerial applications
• Standard and severe duty application options available
• EXM Control Technology Package
• Easy-to-use, two-way controls that allow wired or wireless operation

Customers who purchase and register any Cobra EXM monitor between now and April 6, 2014 are eligible to receive $1,000 credit toward future Elkhart Brass orders. The credit can be used toward any Elkhart Brass product: nozzles, valves, accessories, and so on.

For more information, visit www.cobraexm.com.

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