Dräger Introduces New Thermal Imaging Camera

Pittsburgh, PA Dräger is introducing a new thermal imaging camera that offers a high level of safety and performance for firefighters and first responders. 

Dräger Introduces New Thermal Imaging CameraThe Dräger UCF 7000 thermal imaging camera is a technologically advanced new camera that is intrinsically safe and has been approved for use in potentially hazardous and explosive settings.

The innovative new camera was designed to aid personal navigation in the most challenging and dangerous environments. Advanced construction and circuitry measures ensure that the camera will not be a source of ignition, earning UL approval.
The UCF 7000 provides improved image quality in settings where visibility is very limited. With a high resolution160 x 120 pixels, the camera provides responders with detailed images in any location that needs to be searched quickly and safely. 

The UCF 7000 can detect cooler objects in the scene, such as people, without sacrificing resolution on the high temperatures within the scene. 

The result is a camera that provides a clear detailed image to the danger zone plus an integrated zoom that enhances the ability to reference hard-to-reach areas.

Dräger Introduces New Thermal Imaging CameraThe latest addition to the Dräger UCF line of thermal cameras, the UCF 7000 has three application-specific operating modes to optimize image display and facilitate emergency situation assessment. The three application modes are for firefighting, search and rescue, and overhaul.
The new ThermalScan operating mode enables responders to highlight a set temperature threshold when searching for hotspots during overhaul.
With the UCF 7000, responders can quickly assess hard-to-reach areas. Optimized image processing provides a quick overview in seconds. The ‘snapshot’ function captures a temporary freeze-frame thermal image which can be viewed on the display. 

This feature makes it possible to ‘see around corners’ when freedom of movement or field of view is limited. An integrated laser pinpoints hazards and aids communication between responders.

The Dräger UCF 7000 provides improved ergonomic design that helps minimize fatigue when working in the most challenging environments. The lightweight camera weighs only 2.9 lbs and can be operated using one hand. 

Dräger Introduces New Thermal Imaging CameraThis improves mobility, especially for responders who must carry heavy firefighting and rescue equipment. The UCF 7000 offers various carrying options for optimal comfort and safety.

The UCF 7000 thermal camera has a rugged and durable housing that can withstand the most extreme conditions unharmed by water, dust or other contaminants. With a high protection classification IP 67, the camera is heat resistant and can withstand mechanical stress. Lithium-ion battery technology provides up to four hours of operating time for extended operations. 

For documentation and training purposes, the Dräger UCF 7000 also has integrated black box video and sound recording capabilities.

About Dräger

Dräger is a leading international company in the fields of medical and safety technology. Dräger products protect, support and save lives. Founded in 1889, in 2010 Dräger generated revenues of around EUR 2.18 billion. The Dräger Group is currently present in more than 190 countries and has about 11,000 employees worldwide. 

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