Dorchester (NB) Donates Fire Equipment to Firefighters Without Borders

The Dorchester fire department recently donated outdated equipment to Firefighters Without Borders, a Canadian organization dedicated to providing firefighting gear to firefighters in less advantaged countries.

The goal is to provide a helping hand so their organizations in need can provide emergency services within their own communities.

Earlier this year the Dorchester volunteer fire department undertook renovations to their fire hall, which involved clearing out and disposing of outdated equipment.

The Dorchester fire department donated 10 full bunker suits including helmet, pants and coats; 16 long, heavy canvas coat possibly bought for use in the 1940s.

“These were just like new; they couldn’t have been used much. We haven’t used those types of coats for years, but they will provide a lot of protection for firefighters who don’t have anything at all,” Dorchester firefighters Nancy Milner said.

Dorchester fire department also gave four complete with air packs and bottles and eight harnesses for the air bottles. Milner pointed out that the air bottles alone cost more than $2000 to replace.

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