Donation Made to Replace Bogota (NJ) Fire Equipment

The Bogota Fire Department received a late Christmas present from the Bogota Savings Bank in the form of a donation that will enable the department to replace a crucial piece of equipment.

On Jan. 15, the Bogota Savings Bank presented the fire department with a check for $5,000 for the purchase of a new thermal imaging camera for the truck belonging to Engine Company 3, said Borough Administrator Chip Greiner, who also currently serves as Battalion Chief in Bogota.

Greiner said that the donation came through the efforts of Ken O’Donnell, a volunteer firefighter from Engine Company 1 who presented the idea to the board of directors at the Bogota Savings Bank.
O’Donnell, a volunteer in the fire department for 24 years, said that he took it upon himself to find a donation for the camera after a fire department meeting a few months ago because neither the town nor the department had the money to replace it.

In order to find the money for the camera, O’Donnell went to his insurance agent, Phil Carlton, who is also on the board of trustees at Bogota Savings Bank. Carlton suggested that he meet with Joe Coccaro, the CEO of Bogota Savings Bank, in order to talk about a possible donation.

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