Detcon Introduces Portable Gas Detector

The Woodlands, TXDetcon’s new Model SG1 portable single-gas detector uses electrochemical sensor technology to detect and monitor any one of five gases: hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, oxygen, or sulfur dioxide. 

This lightweight, compact gas detector is controlled by an advanced microprocessor allowing for automatic zero-calibration and easy span calibration set up. During normal operation the backlit LCD screen continuously displays battery life and real-time gas concentration in ppm for toxic models or concentration of % for the oxygen deficiency model. 

The SG1 features advanced STEL (Short Term Exposure Limit) and TWA (Time Weighted Average) functions to trigger a warning of prolonged exposure to a specified gas. Maximum and minimum gas concentrations can also be programmed and monitored. The portable gas detector features a touch-button interface with simple-to-follow display symbols. Users are alerted to hazardous conditions via three alarm indicator functions: vibration alert, LED alert lamp, and an audible buzzer with low and high settings of up to 90dB. 

The SG1 weighs just 4.6 ounces and is housed in a rugged ABS enclosure that includes a rubber sleeve for a high level of  shock absorption. SG1 portables can be attached to personnel using a heavy-duty stainless steel alligator belt clip. Minimum  run time of the battery is 4,500 hours in no alarm condition. 

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