Darley Acquires Fireboy, Inc.

Darley and Fireboy

W.S. Darley & Co. is proud to announce an asset purchase of Fireboy, Xintex, and Aetna Engineering headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company also has manufacturing operations in Poole, England. The new company is Fireboy-Xintex, LLC.

Founded in 1973, Fireboy is the market leader in marine pre-engineered and custom engineered fire safety and suppression equipment. Xintex is a leader in gas and fire detection equipment. Aetna engineering specializes in digital instruments like tachometers.

With over one million systems in service and roughly 75% of the recreational marine market, Fireboy suppression systems are well known in the marine markets. Fireboy-Xintex also serves defense, commercial, industrial, truck, bus, rail, and other markets.

Fireboy’s CEO Larry Akins will stay on with the company as an owner for up to five years as we make the transition process. Larry comments, “The feeling was just right with the Darleys: our core values are very much the same and our management styles mirror one another.”

Paul C. Darley, CEO of W.S. Darley & Co. states, “We are extremely excited about this acquisition. It is our fourth acquisition in the last 20 years and is by far the largest. Our two companies are completely aligned from a cultural aspect and we have overlapping customers in the marine and defense markets. The electronics engineering and manufacturing capabilities will enhance our position in the fire service.”

For more information, visit www.fireboy-xintex.com.

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