C & S Supply Gives Brand New Firefighting Equipment to Volunteer Fire Departments

C & S Supply Helping Hands program

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, C & S Supply, Inc. is giving away free, brand new, firefighting equipment to needy volunteer fire departments. This program, called Helping Hands, gives the winning department $900 of credit to purchase firefighting equipment from the C & S Supply Web site. The best part; the winner selects the equipment they need.

The Pateros (WA) Volunteer Fire Department received the most “Likes” on the C & S Supply Helping Hands Facebook page and won June’s giveaway. Their need came after they experienced several catastrophic wildland fires (one of which burned through the city of Pateros). According to Keith Zweigle, Chief of the Pateros VFD, “Recovery from these Complex fires and the burden of additional call volume has strained our budget to where we are seeking alternate sources of funding and assistance.” After winning June’s giveaway they chose the Blue Devil 12250 nozzle because it is NFPA 1964 compliant.

“The funds we had been saving to buy a 2.5-inch nozzle would be used to purchase a supply line to meet NFPA compliance on our structure truck,” Zweigle added.

Helping Hands, running through December 31, 2017, starts when a volunteer fire department in need shares their story on the C & S Supply Facebook page. The department with the most “Likes” wins that month’s giveaway. The winning department gets to “go shopping” on the C & S Supply Web site, selecting items that meet their individual need.

“With a $900 budget to work with a department can really help themselves out,” according to Chris Wills, Sales and Marketing Director for C & S Supply and a former volunteer firefighter. “Rather then just sending them a nozzle, we wanted to make sure they received exactly the right product to fit their specific need. Whether its our new High Viz® line of wildland products, our Class “A” foam guns which are really popular or any other product that we sell, the winner gets to chose what works best for them.”

C & S Supply’s founder, Sherman (Sherm) Stark was a volunteer firefighter and committed to helping other volunteers. Helping Hands fulfills on Sherm’s promise to support the volunteers in all of our communities.

If you know of a volunteer fire department that is in need, follow the Pateros Volunteer Fire Depart-ment’s example and nominate them for the Helping Hands program.

For more information go to: http://cssupplyinc.com/helping-hands/

Call 970-663-4966

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