Crest Forest Fire District (CA) to Sell and Donate Equipment

The Crest Forest Fire Protection District Board of Directors authorized the district’s fire chief to donate and/or auction old equipment, sell its old vehicles and two parcels in order to clean house and gain some revenue.

CFFPD Board President Robert Goss acknowledged receiving a donation request from the Bomberos Voluntarios de Punta Banda, a volunteer fire department in Mexico, for any surplus fire equipment.

Board member Jerry Ringhofer explained that they found equipment that was over 10 years old that did not meet county standards. A motion was made and passed unanimously to donate pallet 2 to the Bomberos Voluntarios de Punta Banda. Bomberos representative Robert Moore was in attendance at the January 21 meeting to accept the donation from CFFPD.

CFFPD decided to donate its older equipment to any interested volunteer organization that may be interested in it for educational purposes. The explorer program and the fire science class at the high school were mentioned as possibilities. The board then decided the remaining outdated fire equipment would be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

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