Chemguard and Williams Advance Foam Technology

Chemguard, a leader in foam concentrate and foam systems research and manufacturing, and Williams Fire & Hazard Control, which specializes in flammable liquid fire suppression, have formed an alliance to develop high-performance firefighting foam concentrates.  

They introduced the first products resulting from their collaboration in late 2009: ThunderStorm F-601B, a 1×3 alcohol-resistant aqueous film-forming foam (AR-AFFF), and F-603B, a 3×3 AR-AFFF.  Both are suitable for hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires.

“Chemguard sees great promise in this partnership with Williams, the leader in storage tank and flammable liquid firefighting,” said Chemguard President Roger Bower. “We intend to aggressively develop the next evolution of advanced foam concentrates.”

Dwight Williams, Williams Fire & Hazard Control CFO and chairman, said, “We expect our work with Chemguard, the only fully integrated global fire-fighting foam concentrate manufacturer, to result in significant product development.”  

ThunderStorm F-601B and F-603B AR-AFFF foam concentrates, the first in a line of “next evolution” foam concentrates, exceed the highest performance standards in the industry, according to the companies. Formulated from special fluorochemical and hydrocarbon surfactants, high-molecular-weight polymers, and solvents, the companies said ThunderStorm F-601B and F-603B have a much lower viscosity than other 1×3 and 3×3 polar-solvent AFFF products. This enhances performance in foam proportioners, in-line eductors, balanced-pressure systems and other equipment.  

Fully compatible with current ThunderStorm reserves, F-601B and F-603B offer improved extinguishment and enhanced firefighter safety for both conventional Class B hydrocarbon fuel and polar solvent Class B fuel. They are also are effective on Class A fires. 

For information, contact: John Vieweger, vice president sales and marketing, Chemguard Fire Suppression Division, 1-817-473-9964, ext. 206; or Dwight Williams, CFO and chairman, Williams Fire & Hazard Control, 1-800-231-4613.

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