Carlsbad (NM) Fire and Police to Upgrade Communication Gear

CARLSBAD, New Mexico—The fire and police departments in Carlsbad will benefit from a new communications tower installed by the City of Carlsbad in December, according to city officials.

Tuesday night, Carlsbad City Council approved a $1.21 million radio equipment purchase, in order to upgrade the police and fire communication systems.

The radio components to be purchased will be installed on the original communications tower, which is located on Fox Street next to the Public Works Department.

The upgrades should allow for better communications for the police department and the fire department.

The current radio system was too old to even upgrade, said City Manager Steve McCutcheon at the council meeting.

“Our police communications system is very outdated; it’s over thirty years old and we are having many failures,” McCutcheon said.

McCutcheon said that, though it is a large purchase, the city has the funds, and the purchase is critical for the safety of law enforcement.

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