Avon Offers Lease Purchase Finance for Respiratory Protection

U.S. firefighting units that are financially restricted from upgrading vital respiratory equipment programs can now benefit from Avon Protection’s new lease purchase finance Avon Protection’s
plan for easing capital budget management.

Avon Protection is reaching out to all firefighting and emergency service departments, currently unable to purchase or upgrade safety critical respiratory protection for their dedicated teams, by offering affordable means of bridging budget shortfalls. This, Avon promises, will make the process of reequipping a simple and highly cost-effective process while ensuring that vital public emergency services are not diminished or personnel safety standards jeopardized.

Avon is confident that this finance program offers many advantages to municipal departments, including the removal of reliance on uncertain state funding and the means to beat inflation by purchasing new equipment in advance and taking advantage of the low interest rates that are available to qualified municipal organizations.

According to Mark Williamson, Avon Protection’s SCBA Product Manager, “Our new respiratory protection finance plan chiefly recognizes the current financial challenges faced by our society’s protectors, and which is frustrating their determination to remain professionally equipped when performing the hazardous and unplanned scenarios they experience every day.

“The Avon Lease Purchase Financing Plan, developed with our finance partner, Community Leasing Partners – a division of Community 1st National Bank, eliminates the need for large, upfront capital outlays and allows greater budget flexibility as the plan can be tailored to fit current and projected cash flow requirements.  It also eliminates the financial and operational challenges of keeping worn out or obsolete equipment in service and provides our municipality customers with a fixed, locked in payment and interest rate with flexible payment terms from one to five years; the end of which guarantees  ownership.”

For more information, visit www.avon-protection.com

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