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Pelican 3765 LED Rechargeable FlashlightPelican 3765 LED Rechargeable Flashlight is a lightweight and rugged lighting tool designed for the worst case scenario. Featuring the downcast lighting mode which incorporates three five-mm LEDs (32 lumens) to safely light the way, the 3765 will help first responders navigate through dark and smoky situations. When used in downcast-only mode, it enables first responders to read/write documents and reports as well as converse without blinding fellow responders. When combined with the light’s main LED, it generates up to 172 lumens. Additionally, the 3765 LED Rechargeable offers four light modes: high (172 lumens), low (94 lumens), downcast (32 lumens), and signaling (140 lumens). Powered by a four AA Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable battery pack, its run time is three hours, 15 minutes on high with five hours, 15 minutes on low, and 14 hours, 30 minutes in downcast mode., 310-326-4700

Darley HMBC 500/220 Compact PTO-driven CAFSDarley HMBC 500/220 Compact PTO-driven CAFS is a single-stage, 500-gpm water pump mixed with an electrically clutched, high-capacity, 220-cfm rotary screw air compressor. At a Class A medium foam setting using 200 gpm and 200 cfm at an 8:1 expansion ratio, this combination of water and air, when combined with Darley’s AutoCAFS Commander PLC control head and a Foam Pro Injection system, has a discharge volume equivalent to 1,600 gpm. When installed on a full pumper-style truck, firefighters will have more room on the truck for the equipment that normally could not fit., 800-323-0244

MSA XCell Sensor for CO and NO2 XCell Sensor, for ALTAIR 4X multigas detectorsMSA XCell Sensor for CO and NO2 XCell Sensor, for ALTAIR 4X multigas detectors, is suitable for monitoring for diesel emissions. The new CO/NO2 XCell Sensor provides a range of 0-2,000 ppm CO and 0-50 ppm NO2, one-ppm and 0.1-ppm resolution respectively. The sensor’s fast response time allows users to bump test in less than 10 seconds and perform full span calibration in 60 seconds., 877-672-3473

Gear Keeper retractable lanyard systemGear Keeper retractable lanyard system offers the flexibility to correctly and specifically match the tool, worker, and application. The Gear Keeper modular retractable lanyard systems allow users to fine tune lanyards for their own specific needs. Originally engineered for underwater use, the Gear Keeper retractor is a rugged tool attachment system. It is designed to use and protect tools, even in severe environments. Benefits and features include: lanyard lengths from 28 to 42 inches; patented self-flushing system (that clears sand and debris); salt-water-proof; withstands high-temperature environments; keeps tools close to the body, thereby avoiding potential entanglement issues; and a ratcheting gear that minimizes lanyard length and arm strain. There is also an array of mounting options for attaching the lanyard to the user., 805-658-9922

Medical Glove Warmers from KeyboMedical Glove Warmers from Keybo are ultra thin liners that fit comfortably under medical gloves to provide a thermal layer when working in the extreme cold. The glove’s index and middle fingers are open at the tip to allow them to be pulled back from these fingers to improve sensitivity when performing tasks such as pulse checks. The gloves are a seamless knit using 100 percent nylon that provides the stretch necessary for a close and comfortable fit on most finger diameters. Nylon is also an excellent sweat absorption material. Medical Glove Warmers are available in medium (eight-inch with green cuffs), large (nine-inch with yellow cuffs) and extra large (10-inch with brown cuffs) sizes., 877-855-3199

TFT Blitzfire He and Blitzfire Oscillating He high elevation monitor seriesTFT Blitzfire He and Blitzfire Oscillating He high elevation monitor series will allow firefighters to go from 10 degrees above horizontal to nearly 90 degrees overhead-a gain of some 40 degrees of elevation over previous models-with the same 500-gpm big-water power, and the protection of the monitor’s patented safety shut-off valve. Since the nozzle reaction point changed with the monitor’s new higher elevation, TFT engineers widened the carrier plate to help support what can be more than 200 pounds of (nozzle reaction) force. The additional ball and socket and the modified oscillating unit will add approximately three pounds to the unit’s weight., 800-348-2686

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