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Firecom 50-Series wireless headset communication systemsFirecom 50-Series wireless headset communication systems offer an extended range up to 1,600 feet, secure and interference-free 1.9-GHz communication, 24-hour battery life with two-hour recharge, radio push-to-talk capability, selectable microphone squelch levels, and IP65 rating for operation in wet environments. All Firecom headsets offer 24-db hearing protection for personal safety. ComCare™ service programs are also available that provide comprehensive support and warranty coverage for up to five years. Firecom 50-Series headsets are completely compatible with existing Firecom systems, which can also be configured to transmit and receive through up to three mobile radios along with full-duplex intercom. All Firecom systems are plug-and-play compatible with more than 400 radios from 24 manufacturers., 800-527-0555

APX XE Remote Speaker MicrophoneAPX XE Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) enhances firefighter communications and safety in extreme conditions. RSM features exaggerated controls easily accessible with bulky gloves. These controls include a large, yet protected, orange emergency button; prominent push-to-talk (PTT) button with strong tactile feedback; and a large volume switch. It features a two-microphone design that provides noise suppression for first responders working in extremely loud environments. A larger speaker enables the user to hear radio communications over background noise such as apparatus, sirens, and tools. Other features of the microphone include a high-visibility impact green color, an emergency activated strobe light visible at up to 10 feet in thick smoke, rugged IP68 submersibility, and flexible mounting options with a large d-ring hook and clamping clip that rotates 360 degrees., 847-576-5000

UCF 7000 thermal imaging cameraUCF 7000 thermal imaging camera is intrinsically safe and has been approved for use in potentially hazardous and explosive settings. The UCF 7000 provides improved image quality in settings where visibility is very limited. With a resolution of 160 by 120 pixels, the camera provides responders with detailed images in any location that needs to be searched quickly and safely. The UCF 7000 can detect cooler objects in the scene, such as people, without sacrificing resolution on the high temperatures within the scene. The result is a camera that provides a clear detailed image to the danger zone plus an integrated zoom that enhances the ability to reference hard-to-reach areas. The device’s three application modes are for firefighting, search and rescue, and overhaul. The new ThermalScan operating mode enables responders to highlight a set temperature threshold when searching for hotspots during overhaul., 412 787 8383

Bullex 39-foot fire safety trailerBullex 39-foot fire safety trailer has been delivered to Pike County (KY) Emergency Management. The mobile training environment features kitchen, bedroom, and industrial emergency scenarios and dual briefing rooms. Training components in the kitchen scenario include the interactive SmartStove™ and TrashCan SmartProps with integrated digital flames, smoke, and sound effects. An extreme weather package added to the kitchen scenario simulates a hurricane, flood, tornado, and earthquake with lighting and sound effects and realistic props to educate trainees how to properly respond in the event of severe weather. The bedroom scenario features a heated smoking door prop and an E.D.I.T.H. window that allows participants to practice fire safety and emergency evacuation procedures., 888-4BULLEX

ullard redesigned leather frontsBullard redesigned leather fronts are offered in the company’s matte-finish genuine leather or glossy patent leather versions that showcase crisp stitching on rugged, high-quality leather. In addition to the new look, Bullard now offers leather fronts that accommodate up to 22 bold characters. Special leather front features and offerings include sewn or recessed letters and numbers; hot-stamped letters, numbers, and logos in nine colors (black, white, blue, red, gold, green, orange, silver, and yellow); decals and gold or silver badges; seven colors available in matte-finish genuine leather (black, white, blue, green, orange, red, and yellow); and glossy patent leather colors in black, red, and white. Bullard Leather Fronts can be customized by visiting, 877-BULLARD

R 411E RamR 411E Ram is an extremely compact ram without hoses. It can operate with a cord or without. The claws at the two ends can be rotated 360 degrees, enabling rescuers to apply the ram effectively in almost any precarious situation. The R 411E features an extended length of 47.2 inches with the extension accessory. Piston stroke is 14.2 inches. Lifting force is 23,154 pounds. Retracted length is 21.3 inches. Extended length without extension is 35.6 inches. Dimensions are 21.4 by 5.9 by 10.4 inches, and the unit weighs 37.2 pounds without cable, plug, or battery., 800-537-2659

Jupiter Uniforms carries an extensive line of uniforms for firefighters, police, EMS, medics and more. The family owned and operated business is committed to speedy service with particular attention to quality and service. It offers a wide variety of merchandise to match any need ranging from corporate clients to small business owners. The company offers group sales discounts. Jupiter does not charge for embroidery on most items., 866-991-4501

LiftbakLiftbak is a five-inch belt of rigid foam that supports the back during strenuous lifting. Buckle and locking closure holds securely yet allows easy adjustment. The Deluxe Spanbak features breathable spandex backed with rubber grip webbing to prevent ride-up. The Spanbak comes in five sizes. Among the other styles of back supports are the Flexbak® and Maxbak® belts. The Flexbak offers a three-part closure that ensures a custom fit and superior lumbar support. The Maxbak is a weightlifting-style belt with a dual-side closure that provides a comfortable, non-pinching fit. Designed for wherever visibility is necessary, the Economy Hi-Vis offers all the same features with high-visibility green suspenders and side elastic panels. Also available, the All Fit with neoprene pad support., 800-622-3530

Lighting SystemLighting System illuminates with a soft, yet bright light. Available as a mobile-mounted light installed on a truck or compact transportable unit, the system offers full 360-degree illumination; offers a low-glare, bright white light for detailed visibility in the night; produces five to six times more lighting efficiency compared with floodlights; and consumes up to two times less fuel with the ECO generator on portable units., 248-217-1945

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