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SmartPlug Systems’ Power Delivery SystemSmartPlug Systems’ Power Delivery System is designed to replace the twist-type style traditionally used for power delivery in emergency vehicles. With 30-amp systems already offered, a 50-amp range is currently in development and should be available soon. Utilizing the same footprint of the twist-lock system makes retrofitting with the SmartPlug easy. The SmartPlug’s three-foot pigtails with a straight blade adaptor ensure that the emergency vehicle operator will never pull the socket out of the wall. The SmartPlug plug and inlet help protect against the two leading causes of fire and electrocution—unstable connections and overheating—with its shape and secure locking mechanisms. Its shape allows it to be plugged in only one way. Its locking system decreases the risk of faulty connections. Locks on both sides of the plug snap into the inlet so users can feel and hear the positive connection. A stainless steel inlet cover lock hooks onto the rear of the plug. A built-in thermostat automatically shuts off electrical current around 200˚F to prevent overheating. It automatically resets at 100˚F., 206-285-2990

Invention Resource International’s Adjustable GurneyInvention Resource International’s Adjustable Gurney is a collapsible gurney in which the bed of the gurney is made up of articulating, adjustable, hinged sections corresponding to the various bodily regions and to the joints of the human skeletal system, permitting the patient to be accommodated and supported in a wide variety of anatomical positions. The Adjustable Gurney will provide emergency medical personnel and other persons or entities involved in the transport of patients with a reliable means of positioning and supporting the patient so that further injury does not occur during transport. The device was invented by Ingrid Ottesen of Anaheim, CA. The Adjustable Gurney may be equipped with restraints or straps for stabilizing and securing the patient, and the panels are padded with a durable, supportive, and cushioning material., 520-413-1454

Akron Brass’s SceneStar LED High-Power Scene LightAkron Brass’s SceneStar LED High-Power Scene Light delivers light distribution evenly across an entire emergency scene, creating a safe work environment. The SceneStar’s engineered reflector and electronics produce a brighter white light using less power than traditional quartz halogen lamps. This increases work area visibility as well as enhances illumination of objects at a distance. The SceneStar offers long LED life of more than 50,000 hours, optimized thermal management, and a six-year warranty. SceneStar LED lights are part of the Akron Brass Extenda-Lite® family of products., 330-264-5678

Hale's CBP Quik KitHale’s CBP Quik Kit is a fire suppression package built around a high-volume CBP attack/booster pump. The kit is suitable for applications such as tanker-pumpers, wildland apparatus, initial attack apparatus, and mini- and midi-pumpers. The Quik Kit’s efficient package design provides maximum space for a tank and other components. The pump is designed for quick drop-out for easy repairs. The CBP Quik Kit features a high-volume CBP attack/booster pump as the central component to the kit; all stainless steel plumbing and manifolds for maximum corrosion resistance; built-in tank-to-pump line check valves; NFPA 1901 250-gpm rating; and a system that meets proposed ISO 9 ratings along with NWCG Tactical Tender and Type 3 requirements., 610-825-6300

Utility Inc.’s Rocket™ is a secure and reliable high-speed mobile communications gateway. More than just a rugged Wi-Fi mobile hot spot, the Rocket is a secure broadband appliance that provides a universal communications platform for any police, fire, or EMS vehicle—leveraging one cellular data plan for all vehicle information communications needs. It seamlessly interfaces with the latest generation of GPS, RFID, and on-board diagnostic and navigation mobile applications using hard-wired connections or WPA2 wireless security with AES encryption. EAP-TLS Radius authentication and IPSEC VPN are fully supported. Every Rocket is delivered with an active firewall and uses Network Address Translation to protect all attached devices. By default, there is no external pathway to connected devices. The default security settings do not allow connections to the Rocket’s local private network from the cellular network. The Rocket is a fully functional router, like any enterprise-class router from Cisco, Juniper Networks, and other router manufacturers. It can be configured to provide virtually any routing capability but is optimized for the mobile environment. The Rocket’s local configuration pages are purposely limited to prevent rogue local changes that might compromise security. Network administrators, however, have immediate access to any difference between the authorized standard configuration and the actual configuration on any Rocket, whether the configuration change is made in the field or “over the air” using Utility’s Remote Configuration Management (RCM) application., 404-816-0300

MSA’s Two-Sided Color-Printed CardMSA’s Two-Sided Color-Printed Card is included in shipments of its Galaxy® Automated Test System. New users in particular will benefit when they start up their new test system for the first time. These cards offer a clean and easily-readable sequence of basic test system operation and setup that includes initial and test setup, scroll options, and running tests. The Galaxy automated test system is an easy-to-use, versatile, and durable calibration and test system that provided simple, reliable performance in a design that withstands harsh environments. Versions are available for the Solaris®, Orion®, and Sirius® multigas detectors as well as the ALTAIR® and ALTAIR® Pro single-gas detectors., 800-MSA-2222

General Dynamics Itronix’s GD3015 Tablet PCGeneral Dynamics Itronix’s GD3015 Tablet PC weighs less than three pounds and delivers the full functionality of a notebook with the critical components and options needed by mobile professionals working in public safety, utilities, transportation, warehousing, and industry field services. The GD3015 comes equipped with the Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system, embedded security, a 10.4-inch sunlight-viewable screen, and 3G wireless network connectivity. It also offers a magnetic stripe reader, barcode scanner, camera, and additional options. Available with a three-year warranty, a wide range of peripherals, and options including highly sensitive GPS capability, the GD3015 performs well in cluttered urban areas, congested warehouses, and wide open spaces. An updated Trusted Platform Module security chip and user authentication software protect the GD3015 from unauthorized access., 800-441-1309

Pryme Radio Products’ Bone Conduction Wrap Around HeadsetsPryme Radio Products’ Bone Conduction Wrap Around Headsets are the solution for high-noise and hazmat environments such as inside protective suits. The headsets feature dual microphone elements that rest against users’ temples, allowing them to transmit audio directly from vibrations below the skin using bone conduction technology. The headsets generate and pick up sound directly to and from the user’s skull without blocking the user’s ears. They are also easy to put on and take off., 800-666-2654

Larson Electronics’ EXP-LED-51Larson Electronics’ EXP-LED-51 explosion-proof rechargeable LED flashlight delivers high LED light output combined with rugged construction and a variety of lighting modes. The unit is rated Class 1 Division 1 and Class II Division 1 and produces 130 lumens of illumination using a C4 LED rated at 50,000 hours of operational life. A dual switch design allows users to toggle through three different light modes: high, low, and dim. The LED flashlight comes with a mountable charging base that can be attached to walls or flat surfaces. Also included with this flashlight are two charging stands and two cords., 800-369-6671

Kochek Company’s improved Holley Transfer PipeKochek Company’s improved Holley Transfer Pipe efficiently moves water from dump tanks to drafting tanks. The device comes ready to use—no assembly required—and features a rubber trimmed intake area for added tank protection. The pipe also features integrated intake holes, jet siphon port, support bracket, and handle for easy transport. Made of 6061-T6 lightweight powder-coated aluminum, the Holley Transfer Pipe is available in six- and eight-inch diameters, both 78 inches long. The six-inch pipe provides 800 to 1,400 gpm and the eight-inch pipe provides 1,400 to 1,700 gpm, depending on available psi. The six-inch pipe weighs 19 pounds, and the eight-inch 26 pounds., 800-420-4673

Pierce PUC Wildland-Urban Interface ApparatusPierce PUC Wildland-Urban Interface Apparatus feature a wheelbase as short as 162-inches as well as high chassis angle of approach and departure for improved maneuverability. All-wheel drive is available for off-road applications. The PUC (Pierce Ultimate Configuration) technology frees space, allowing the vehicle to offer 200 cubic feet of storage space for rescue and EMS equipment. The PUC is engineered to eliminate the need for a bulky pump house. It features a simplified two-step pump shift operation and a redesigned pump panel for easier use. The standard pump-and-roll capability allows the vehicle to simultaneously move position while effectively fighting a fire. The PUC wildland-urban interface vehicle is available on all Pierce custom chassis., 920-832-3000

Hurst Jaws of Life® JL-500 5 CutterHurst Jaws of Life® JL-500 5 Cutter features a blade design engineered to address the larger diameters and stronger metals being encountered by rescuers today. The forged shock-resistant steel blades of the JL-500 offer greater cutting capability near the fully-open position, and eliminate the tendency of the tool to rotate into the passenger compartment. The JL-500 5,000-psi cutter blades feature three distinct cutting angles which are crucial when cutting the ultra-high-strength press-hardened Boron sheet metal and Martensite Boron Steel found in large diameter A, B and C posts of modern vehicles. With maximum compressive forces in the near open position, as the JL-500 blades begin to close, the press-hardened Boron sheet metal and Martensite steel cracks and fractures., 800-537-2659

Silent Knight by Honeywell Farenhyt Fire Alarm SystemsSilent Knight by Honeywell Farenhyt Fire Alarm Systems include the IFP-FFT high-capacity firefighter telephone system that can support up to 72 telephone connections with as many as 10 phones in use at one time. This high-capacity, lower-cost system is suitable for high-rise buildings and large facilities in regions that require fire fighter telephone systems. Being a fully supervised system, trouble conditions are immediately detected and displayed on the SK-FFT’s main panel which firefighters also use to control local and remote handsets. To customize each IFP-FFT system for optimum use, Silent Knight offers a line of compatible accessories, including remote handsets, a handset cabinet, handset jacks, a lockable cabinet with connected handset and a connected telephone cabinet with breakable glass., 203-484-7161

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