American Airworks Awarded Master Distributor Status by Honeywell

American Airworks has been selected by Honeywell Analytics to be a master distributor for their SCBA flow testing equipment line, the Posichek3 and their new Posi3 USB units. Posicheks are used to provide documented verification of a SCBA flow test results and can test all brands of American manufactured SCBA. Airworks has consistently shown their commitment to providing Posichek customers with exceptional customer service on the complete Posichek line. Airworks has been a Honeywell (Survivair) distributor for 33 years, as an authorized Survivair SCBA warranty and retail center. Posichek end users and resellers are directed to contact American Airworks for new unit sales and answers to technical questions on the Posichek product line. Call 800-523-SCBA (7222) or visit

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