Extrication Tomahawk Is 10 Tools In 1

The Extrication Tomahawk rescue tool’s hardened point is for breaking glass, making purchase points in laminated glass, use as a tire punch, and making a strut insertion point in the body of vehicle.

It also features a pry bar for making a purchase point in door, hood, or trunk seams for a hydraulic tool insertion and prying off hatch and trunk gas struts; a gas shut-off valve wrench; and a flat surface for hammering in cribbing, wedges, or striking surface for driving points into objects.

Other features of the tool include:

  • Laminated glass saw
  • Beveled plastic cutter
  • Large trim puller
  • Spanner wrench
  • Glass notch, antenna remover
  • Valve stem puller
  • Gasket puller
  • Beveled edge for removing trim

For more information, visit www.ajaxrescuetools.com.

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