Weldon Unveils LED Interior Dome Lamp

Weldon, a division of Akron Brass, has released a new 8-inch LED Interior dome lamp for multiple vehicle applications, including fire and rescue vehicles and ambulances.

The 8048 Series recessed interior light uses Weldon’s patented V-LED technology, which provides excellent brightness, reduced amp draw, thermal efficiency for heat minimization and long service life, according to Weldon.

The new light doesn’t use a fan to cool, draws 11 watts for illumination versus 35 watts for a similar size conventional halogen lamp, and pulls .85 amps at 12 volts for high mode.

It meets GSA-KKK illumination requirements at cot and floor height of an ambulance interior and has high and low intensity operations using a three-wire hookup (high, low and ground).

The unit has a stainless steel housing and is a direct replacement for other popular Weldon recessed dome lamps.

In addition to use in ambulance bodies, the lamp is suited for incident command and walk-in rescue vehicles, according to Weldon.

For information call 800-989-2718 or go to www.weldoninc.com.

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