Tri-State Ambulance Enhances Strategic Deployment of Emergency Medical Services

La Crosse, WI and Vancouver, BC – In Motion Technology has announced that Tri-State Ambulance, sole 911 advanced life support provider for the Seven Rivers Region, is enhancing its overall strategic deployment of emergency medical services with the onBoard Mobile Gateway.

Tri-State Ambulance’s service area covers nearly 2,200 square miles and a population of approximately 150,000. Tri-State Ambulance proudly serves Southwest Wisconsin, Southeast Minnesota, and Northeast Iowa and offers the most advanced pre-hospital patient care available to thousands of patients every year.

Part of Tri-State Ambulance’s strategic deployment of emergency medical services includes:

  • System Status Management Plan, which posts ambulances in strategic locations throughout service areas to reduce emergency response times.
  • Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), to determine the proper emergency response mode based upon the patient’s medical condition.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS), transmits GPS information to the dispatch center software which automatically informs the dispatchers which ambulance to send based upon distance and projected response time.
  • Vehicle operator performance monitoring, wirelessly sends driver performance feedback to a centralized server for reporting and continuous quality improvement functions.
  • High Speed Wireless Internet Access, to access medical protocols, medication interaction resources, company intranet, paramedic training, reporting and email, and local weather information.
  • Electronic Patient Care Reporting, to help ensure accuracy of patient care reporting and real-time quality assurance of paramedics.
  • External Bluetooth Antenna for broader 12-Lead range, to provide ERs with immediate patient ECG reports as connectivity goes from 30 feet to over 100 feet.

Future plans for Tri-State Ambulance include investigating asset management/tracking and the ability to provide patient telemedicine with recently acquired ambulances that can allow streaming video directly from a scene or patient compartment to the command center or ER.

In Motion Technology’s onBoard™ Mobile Gateway turns ambulances into wireless hotspots, providing seamless, secure connectivity to tablets, laptops, 12-Lead ECGs, scanners, and other devices in and around the ambulance. The onBoard™ Mobility Manager  provides the ability to analyze information from each Gateway in the field via a dashboard which shows ambulance GPS location, and monitors vehicle diagnostics, devices and networks. 

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