Trevorton PA Fire Company to Receive Donated Fire Apparatus

Trevorton Fire Company will receive a donated fire truck.

Supervisors Michael Schwartz, Mike Mazer and Gene Geise gave tentative permission Monday to allow the fire company to use the township’s tax ID number to receive an engine from a New York state fire company, pending solicitor’s Roger Wiest’s review of the matter.

It will be a much needed piece of equipment, according to Trevorton Fire Chief Ed Reed.

“We had to put both our engines out of service today due to different problems with the apparatuses,” Reed said Monday. “We managed to get one repaired, but we’ve checked this equipment out and it suits our needs.”

By using the township’s tax ID number, the vehicle must also be put in the township’s name and under its insurance to be transported back to Pennsylvania. Once in town, the truck’s registration can be transferred to the fire company, but remains insured by Zerbe Township.

“If the truck gets into an accident between New York and here, we are the ones on the hook for it,” Schwartz said.

The other option is to use Trevorton Ambulance’s tax ID number, but the insurance issue remains the same. Hearing that, the motion was made by Mazer and seconded by Geise, and approved by a 3-0 vote to use the township’s number.

Discussion about emergency crews came up again later in the meeting, when supervisor Geise, the president of Trevorton Community Ambulance, brought up a proposal from the Line Mountain School District to do standby assignments at Line Mountain High School football games and wrestling matches.

“We will be splitting the fees with Americus Ambulance in Herndon, since the school in their coverage area,” Geise said.
Again, Schwartz had some misgivings.

“When Trevorton Ambulance is out of service, AREA Services covers the township,” Schwartz said. “If there is a life-threatening situation when you are out of the area, that five to 10 minutes it takes AREA to respond could be crucial.”

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